Frequently Asked Questions

Hemp won’t get you high! Industrial hemp and marijuana are two different varieties of the same genus of plant. They are cousins, but they are NOT the same. There is less than .3% of THC in hemp.  THC is the factor that creates the “high” from marijuana.  Think of Hemp as being decaffeinated coffee and Marijuana being regular coffee.

Even in feminized seeds, which come from crossing a female plant (XX chromosomes) with another female plant (XX chromosomes), some plants (1 in 3000 – 5000) can show phenotypically male (developing male flowers), even with no Y (male) chromosome. The trait of female cannabis sativa plants to occasionally hermaphrodite, or develop male flowers even when genetically female, is a remarkable survival tactic of the species, and to our knowledge, breeders have not as of yet been able to fully “turn off” this characteristic.

Yes, we are required to test our plants and receive a Certificate of Analysis from a state approved lab. We can provide you with those Certificates.

 Yes, we do sell clones. Use the Contact Us form to start a conversation and find out what we have available.

We do offer seed cleaning services to farmers, contact us for more information.

We have COA’s posted for all of our varieties on our website and provide COA’s with every purchase.

Yes, we can ship seeds to you. We do require the buyer to pay for shipping, and due to the high value of feminized hemp seeds, we also recommend insurance. For USPS, the maximum insurance per package is $5,000, and it ends up costing ~$100 to ship a package with that amount of insurance. For orders larger than this, we recommend either splitting the shipment into multiple smaller insured packages, or using UPS Parcel Pro, which can be insured up to $150,000. Every individual package shipped out of the state of Colorado requires its own phytosanitary certificate, which are $40 each.

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